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For every road surface

Cases such as cracks and subsidence can be easily repaired, without the need to cut or remove the defective area. Works perfectly with old and new asphalt, or cement.


Easy to apply in all weather conditions

Application can be made at ambient temperatures from  -30°C to 55°C, no problem, even with rain, snow or frost, dry and wet road surface.


Quick use

Covering the pothole or cut is done quickly and easily, during the time of traffic, without interrupting it. No equipment is required to compress, e.g. cylinder, a shovel or even a simple laying by stepping on the surface with the shoes is enough.

Europatch – Cold Asphalt Mix

It is a healing material for road surfaces. It is used to cover potholes but also to repair cuts in the installation of optical fibers and pipes. It is applied manually, in all weather conditions, even in puddles filled with water.

After its rapid compaction, the road is opened for vehicles, while the "patch" lasts longer than the surrounding road. The raw material is imported from the USA and the production and packaging of the product is done in Thebes.

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